dimanche 11 avril 2010

Call to e-Startups Founders / Our Value Proposition

Robinson Particaptions holder of Groupe Astek (international software engineering company : more than 3200 employees worldwide) launched a private incubator to host innovative startup projects. Robinson Participations's startups program brings the power of Groupe Astek to help these startups build their software systems needed to support their business.

Our proposition values :

- Startups no longer burn their cash flow on coslty intensive efforts to build their IT plateforms. They spend their money on their core business activities : hire sales force and get new customers

- Our startup program hire highly talented engineers to deliver outstanding software systems

- Deep knowledge on startups culture (tolerance on lack of formalization, know how to work with un-accomplished ideas, open minds to accept change of scope, etc)

- Expertise on SCRUM/Agile methodology well suited to deliver startups projects

- We are very strong on technology and cutting edge frameworks

- Technology to serve ideas : our philosophy is better use of technology to solve the natural complexity of a problem and not to add artificial overhead

- Encourage product management teams to imagine the best system to make user experience simple and friendly. Technology should serve users and not to add artificial barriers

We currently have more than 10 startups in our ecosystem, below a sample of projects supported by our startups department :

- igraal : Leading cash back solution
- Testntrust : 1st satisfaction comparator
- Him-Motion : E-commerce collective buying web site
- Discinnet Labs : Social network plateform to link research to industry
- Ecommerce United : Social network plateform for e-commerce
- leTrader : To be released on June 1st

What is the leTrader ?

New innovative E-Commerce concept. Although, the concept already exist (recently implemented), we propose a new approach to do things much better: Our service will come with unique smart features such as : intensive use of mobility, advanced use of social networks and other revolutionary features (stay tuned to learn about them !)

Our approach : build things better than others, capitalize from others mistakes, innovate with new features by bringing new added values to consumers and valorize better merchants

The service will be launched June 1st, stay tuned ....

Contact : Adel AMRI; Email: aamri@astek.fr

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